Spot light on 360

We are currently working on a beautiful project at Arley Hall, Arley, Cheshire. This Virtual Tour is a tour with a difference as we have created a 360 degree aerial view to show the scale of the grounds at Arley. With the additional use of “hotspots” on the ground it also allows the viewer to enter the Hall from above. This creates a whole new view point of Arley and one that you would not get by visiting the hall.

We have also added information points to give the viewer some background history to Arley Hall. These information points can be switched on and off so that they do not detract from any of the details we captured during photography.

Starting with the aerial view you can quickly explore your way through the hall from the ground floor upwards. Every now and then there are information points that either take you through to the next room or feed you information about the particular room and it’s history.

We have spent an amazing amount of time to capture details. The whole project has taken many weeks to put together including photography and building the tour but have to say that we have enjoyed every second of it and it will be worth it when the project is completed. Once completed we will definately upload it to our website for you to enjoy.