JCB Service staff portraits

Welcome to my blog keeping you updated with recent work and events that Studio One has been involved in.

As well as photographing products for companies we also get to photograph the people that are behind the scenes and who are involved with creating products. One particular challenge a couple of months ago was set for me by JCB Service in Uttoxeter. They needed a couple of giant banners producing as a montage of all the staff.

Working along side JCB Service marketing we had a very busy day with a 6am start as we had 244 individual portraits to take in one day !
Achievable ? We gave it a good go !
By 2.30pm the last click of the camera signalled a good time to grab a brew and a chair. That was the first part of the mission completed.
Second part of the mission was to remove any trace of the background from each shot as each image was being placed onto the JCB yellow banner.

As you do you think it’s going to be easy and it can partly be left to the computer to sort out. Nothing is ever that easy and it took longer than expected.

Once back at the studio and everything processed the next stage began, and for nearly a whole week. Both myself and Kathy worked around the clock from Friday through to Wednesday with little sleep but we got there between us ! We only had 6 days to produce the images so they could go to print but mission accomplished. Everyone was very happy with the result…….The power of strong coffee and good music really does get you through : )